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Heinrich Dressel

Valerio Lombardozzi (Heinrich Dressel / Composite Profuse) is an Italian composer and producer. From 1990 to 1995 he studied jazz piano with master Romano Liberatore, learning harmony and piano comping. In 1998 he graduated in Sound Engineering, Midi, and Mixing at the Università della Musica of Rome. In the late 90s he started to produce electronic music under the pseudonyms Composite Profuse – his electro-oriented project – and Heinrich Dressel – his soundtrack/cryptical-kosmische alias.

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast Winter Edition // Formal Method

Monday, 2018. December 31 -
19:00 to 20:00

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast Winter Edition // DSX

Monday, 2018. December 31 -
18:00 to 19:00

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast Winter Edition // Feryne

Monday, 2018. December 31 -
17:00 to 18:00

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast Winter Edition // Arrhythmia

Monday, 2018. December 31 -
16:00 to 17:00


After collaborations and several projects since the 1990s and a period of exploring music production software
in the 2000s DSX was found in 2012 as a solo project, revisiting his love for analogue synthesizers and
hardware instruments in general.
The debut 4-track EP ´Anonymous´ has been released in late 2012 followed by a collaboration single (´Shifted´)
featuring Zoè Zanias in 2014. Countless remixes for bands/projects like Keluar, TSTI and many more were

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 091 pt.3 // Sem Travis b2b CBRT

Sunday, 2018. December 09 -
21:00 to 22:00

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 091 pt.2 // Sinko

Sunday, 2018. December 09 -
20:00 to 21:00

Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 091 // Exigent

Sunday, 2018. December 09 -
19:00 to 20:00


Exigent saw the light on the 3rd of may 1985 named Imre Perlei. Growing up in thr suburbs of Budapest, he learned drums and guitar as a youngster. With 13 he met the score ‘Berlin House’ on Viva Tv, what directed him toward deep electronica.
He tried do make own works already at the age of 14, with 16 he organized his first event. Because a name had to be found fast , with the help of an spanish-hungarian dictionary Fuerza Crew was established. We wrote 2001 that time.


CBRT is the all-encompassing "made in Rome"
collaboration between Somine and A / M, two young DJs who share a passion for introspective research and the proposed trend of deeper sounds, both physical and mental, of the techno scene.

Sem Travis

Sem Travis. Of 1985. Born in Rome in the South East suburbs of Rome. Listen to funky little music, soul, blues, jazz and rap. He took his first steps on the premises listening to house music at the age of 14. Over time it is a bit detached from the house scene and approaches that then that will be his way come Dj, the Techno scene. Do not produce anything, but focus on the part of Djing thanks to the input of his friend Qu Er (Alessio Vernuccio).


AM/FM is a project by Arrhythmia (SRB) and Formal Method (HUN). Joining forces to create uncompromising, heavyweight industrial and experimental techno.

Illegal Patterns:



Aðalsteinn was born in Kópavogur, Iceland, in 1976. His first release, “Hérna”, was released on a cassette by the Icelandic label Fire Inc. in 1994. Around the same time he met Thor (Þórhallur Skúlason) and they formed the band “Sanasol”, releasing deep house music on Hey babe! and Thule Music. Inspired by artists such as GAS and Maurizio the Yagya moniker was born when Aðalsteinn created the album Rhythm of Snow. The album was released by Force Inc. in 2002 and was critically acclaimed and loved by fans.

S. Olbricht

S Olbricht is a producer and co-owner of Hungarian electronic music label, Farbwechsel Records.
He walks on the obscure side of the electronic music landscape, exploring the blurred territories between murky techno and melancholic house combined with ambient sound and abstract rhythms.

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