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Turáni Zsolt Andrej


Yinna is the newest member of Farbwechsel, one of the High Witch of the A C I D W I T C H scandaltechno DJ duo and hostess of Outline, an outsider house / bedroom techno broadcast on Tilos Radio.

Skag Arcade

Born as a laugh in the midst of 2014, Skag Arcade has then turned into a scatteringly radical musical investigation of the most twisted and vicious aspects of mankind, regardless of binding & restraining boundaries.


24 years old. His passion towards electronic music and cinema have developed simultaneously, the feelings and thoughts generated by the latter have had a huge impact on his art. "I started writing my own music around 10 years ago and I believe this is the most amazing thing in life. What I want to achieve through my work is to create a unique and complex atmosphere which involves several different kinds of emotions, yet it's still homogeneous."

Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 38 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She represents an intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision and a depth that comes from a deep understanding of the music and the art of DJing. As a composer and musician, she creates music for concert spaces, clubs, sound installations and occasionally for stage plays and short films.


Musician & cartoonist Róbert Bereznyei has been crafting synth-based electronic music and improvised live acts as tigrics since 1997,
making records every once in a while for small labels like Highpoint Lowlife in London and Kind Gesture in Chicago.
Highly regarded as one of the best eastern european producers of experimental music, his music has taken him all over europe, playing at festivals and clubs alongside the likes of Keith Fullerton Whitman, Leafcutter John, Ceephax Acid Crew, Frank Bretschneider, Shitmat and many more.


☆HUREN☆ is the $olo-entity of David Foster, spawning in 90's abyss from the trauma of the Teste project who released The Wipe . From then owards through Zhark Recordings Berlin ☆HUREN☆ forged some of the earliest industrial-ravaged dark techno - a species of sound that continues to infiltrate the underground™ club circuit world-wide.


One of the most evil projects currently emerging from the electronic underground, SΛRIN combines terrorizing industrial with menacing EBM and black shades of techno, wave and more. His latest 12", Current Conflict (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe), is one of our favorite releases of the year
and the artist is also one half of Konkurs, a project with Blush Response, with an excellent release on Veleno Viola. He is also behind the X-IMG tape series.


Andi Harriman is a DJ, writer and scholar living in New York City. As the founder of the dark synth and industrial party, SYNTHICIDE, she now holds her fourth year residency at the notorious venue Bossa Nova Civic Club. She curates a melange of artists and music that cross the genres of industrial, EBM, goth and techno - anything aggressive, dismal and danceable. Having DJed everywhere from Los Angeles' Das Bunker party to Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, Andi's aesthetic combines her underground 80s obsession with hints of industrial, new beat, dark techno and noise music.

Ida Mandato

Ida Mandato was born in a little village of Calabria, Southern Italy, in 1989. Seduced by music and by art in general, she moved to Rome where she got the possibility to open herself to many new experiences. There, she attended a bachelor degree in Art History and, at the same time, she took her path behind the board. She made her debut with Female Cut Crew in 2013 and she began to work with Animal Social Club, becoming resident DJ after a year.

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Sunday, 2017. February 19 - 14:30
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