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In 2004, as a fan of Mono Club's parties (Hotel North Pole, Lick the Click, Deaf Company) and outdoor illegal events, started to absorb in electronic music. Thanks to many common b2b and practices with friends, he discovered his passion as a Dj. From 2012 he collects vinyls, especially in the deeper and hypnotic way of techno. From 2013 autumn, Zapphire has been a member of Selection Sorted Team and create some guest mixes for the their podcast and event series and he has played in Kontra Klub with artists like Balatro, Ontal duo and Dez. On the other hand he took part in many radio shows at Tilos (Hotel North Pole, Deep in Dawn, Éteri after), made some warm up sets in Technokunst and sereval times at Alkotótábor. Nowadays, represent to the deep side of techno, he collaborates with new members who work together and founded a group, Answer.