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LivingTotem aka dj Kraak

LivingTotem live act aka dj kraak (Industrial Fusion) (HUN)

Style: Industrial/ Noise/EBM/Tribal

His Dj carreer began in 1992 in the small room of Depeche Mode club, where he stood in beside Fatman and spinned Electro-Industrial-E.B.M. music on a mothly basis. In 1998 he grounded "IpariSzakadárok" which was joined by U-Lab and Sick-Ram. Then he moved forward and launched 'SpiralExit' party series in 2000, which had psychedelic trance in focus, these were mostly open air parties. In 2001 he began his show 'Vákuumcsomagolt Hegyilevegő' on Tilos Radio on a weekly basis. In 2006 he started 'IndustrialFusion' series in Kultiplex, where he joined forces with some inland djs who play industrial music. He started producing as well: from 2006 the LivingTotem mystic industrial-techno project began its operation. From 2009 he made the musical funds in the Quantum Cowboys band until the tragical death of BradyO. In 2010 he commenced a completely analog musical project called Panoramic Barrier. Djing is also unbroken in his life.



Events in the past:
Bimfest (Antwerpen)
Klagenfurt Tattoo Expo with Bodysoma suspension team
Schlagstorm Festival (Berlin)
Külvárosi Techno (Budapest)
Industrial Fusion (Budapest)
Ipari Szakadárok (Budapest)
Muzika Iparika (Budapest)
Küss Mich serie (Budapest)
R33 (Budapest) and more...
ElectriCentrope: H.EXE, Noisy Deafness & Plague Called Humanity Live!
New Wave Szerűség (2016.09.30.) LivingTotem aka dj kraak (Mika Tivadar, Budapest)
Sorted mystic Selection madness #3 w/ Sol Los (MEX) - #5 w/ Unhuman (GER)
Sønik BLCK - Hungarian industrial & dark movement 2016.11.18.
Harmadik Ember Fesztivál 2016 nov 18 - 19
Alkotótábor 2017.07.07-.09. (as Panoramic Barrier)
SUN fesztivál 2017.07.20.-24.(as LivingTotem)
Advoxya Records Birthday 2017.09.02. (Budapest, Müszi)

Next event:
LivingTotem album release party //