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The sole purpose of their music is to move you inside (and) out.
With their heavy beats and distortions accompanied by melodic electronic sequences they tell you their story on how they percieve this world inside theirs.

Josephine began In the 90's to compose music on computer sequencers, indulging her imagination
In her spare time, she mixes on web radios.
Her project is called GL[D]. Her universe of music is a unespectable one as she experiments some noisescape and idm and feeds her ears with the bass of underground techno, escaping from this quiet world and breaking speakers with heavy distortions made from rhythmic noise.

From the beginning, middle 90 , Sandra's compositions were heavily influenced by Detroit techno sounds .
She began with a music project called Sound- Ra .
Her productions, with sometimes harsh gaits, are close to minimalist, electronic, techno and underground Music .!artists/cee5