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'Darkotic' is a young producer of Techno, born in Buenos Aires in 1992.
At the age of 19's years old, he edited his first EP with other aka on the label Naughty Pills Records, and then he edited on different labels from Hungary, Germany, Spain, Colombia, and of course.. his own country Argentina.
He based his tracks and live acts on the different styles and sub-genres of Techno, mixing a few concepts and making his own vision about Techno.
Obviously was influenced by the Detroit and Berlin scene from the 90's, but the Birmingham scene with artists like Regis, Surgeon, Female (just for name a few) was very influent on his perspective of Techno.
In 2014 he and some colleagues, great artists and humans from the underground of Buenos Aires with the same ideas and concepts, found the local label "Armed" which had a fast growth with good feedbacks from great artists like Ben Sims, Truss, Sleeparchive, Samuli Kemppi and more.
Nowadays his next EP's will be released on September/October this year, this last one will include remixes by Fran Hartnett and Julixo and is gonna be released by Armed Records.
In the local scene, he was one of the residents from the club "Denot". He shared gigs with artists like Luis Ruiz, Gonzalo MD, Mariano DC, Farceb, Matt Saderlan, Sebastian Cohen and more.