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Exigent saw the light on the 3rd of may 1985 named Imre Perlei. Growing up in thr suburbs of Budapest, he learned drums and guitar as a youngster. With 13 he met the score ‘Berlin House’ on Viva Tv, what directed him toward deep electronica.
He tried do make own works already at the age of 14, with 16 he organized his first event. Because a name had to be found fast , with the help of an spanish-hungarian dictionary Fuerza Crew was established. We wrote 2001 that time.
There were a mass of parallel influences for him from progressive house through the time’s dub and minimal to techno, including the styles of break and broken beat, chill house, downtempo and ambient. In 2002 he pointed the Furza Crew inside the walls of Kashmir Underground, the team growing and developing constantly.
That time already dark and offbeat techno are the main path, plying vinyl only, making closing the ninghts to his main profole.
After Fuerza Crew was exhausted in 2009 he becomes grounder, admin and organizer of Mocskos Csúnya Kísérleti Techno (Filthy Ugly Experimental Techno), this timehis ‘Dark Quality’ alterego turned serious, making downtempo and ambient with this name (Earlier he had more tracks released on Audioexit under this alias, what were yet an incorporation of minimal-acid techno and other styles)
He founded Paradise Gate netlabel with Tamas Csízik (making 10 releases), but as dj playing only rock hard techno. His productions – together with lot more activities – coming out on Audioexit, but in composing he turns more towards piano-based ambient.
With his first daughter born in 2014, he sold his records and gear as well. One last techno bastion fell inter alia (furtunately some new players arrived into the hungarian vinyl league)
His 2018 comeback rests in digital djing, but the years of routine didn’t lost, only transformed. With wild, lean and unrestained energetic techno, acid and offbeat, dark and industrial in the main role.
Luckily there are things what dont change.