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☆HUREN☆ is the $olo-entity of David Foster, spawning in 90's abyss from the trauma of the Teste project who released The Wipe . From then owards through Zhark Recordings Berlin ☆HUREN☆ forged some of the earliest industrial-ravaged dark techno - a species of sound that continues to infiltrate the underground™ club circuit world-wide.

Foster’s other aliases include MRTVI , Obscene Mannequin , AVM with BLUSH RESPONSE , and O/H conspiring with Rich Oddie with releases on Opal Tapes, Electric Deluxe and Inner Surface Music.

Transplanted from the Steel City of Hamilton, Kanada to Berlin, ☆HUREN☆ R0LLBERGER-$CUMTRONIC$™ 2017 thrusts ahead with a slew of releases/remixes on Zhark Berlin, Noiztank, Amok Tapes, Low Income $quad, Parabola, Clan Destine, Edit Select, Overdraw, Total Black…


We become our own history and our own suffering. As such we live, accumulating the pain, confusion, and death that life allows us to have on installment.