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Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh / T \ the sea is an Italian DJ and producer (born in March 1995) and based in Foggia (IT) His home town and place of Birth, where since a very young age he starts exploring the world of music in all His ways.
His constant research for new sounds will soon bring him in the darkest rooms of Electronic Music.
Nigh / T \ sea productions hide behind an Experiment That lay between Techno & Ambient, with a very deep concept made of music and nightmares.
His strong Dark hints created by the Synth and his post industrial settings Reveals That a drone sound turns into music with a unique Signature.
In 2016 he Becomes a resident DJ at the ISF for the upcoming Summer Festival and he will be playing a one-night monthly in September where the artist will present His concept and other guests will Accompany him.
His first release in 2017 with an EP on DVNTT.