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Noisesculptor (Robert Sipos) was born in 1974 in Hungary. He met with techno at the end of the 90’s: in the beginning he just visited clubs and watched djs at work. His favourite venue was Supersonic Technikum, a classic techno club in Hungary. His favs are Dj Grega and his friend, Mixersmith. Noisesculptor is unbroken since its inception, representative of this line which is not exactly popular: techno primarily within industrial and dark line moving - doggedly trying to stay underground, as far as possible these days.... His debut EP – together with Mixersmith – was released at Audioexit in 2011, his first LP at Paradise Gate Records. Noisesculptor is also a member of Art Style: Techno (an underground techno magazine and radio). His work has been featured on various compilation discs, and well-known DJs and producers like to use them for their mixes.