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Skag Arcade

Born as a laugh in the midst of 2014, Skag Arcade has then turned into a scatteringly radical musical investigation of the most twisted and vicious aspects of mankind, regardless of binding & restraining boundaries.

The sonic counterpoint to this desolate gain of awareness of the irreversible state of decay of human decency shapes up a blunt journey in between the analog and the digital world, where vivid concrete sound frames, bleakly manipulated found sounds and digitally harassed field recordings collapse into a chasm of harsh noise assaults & post-industrial charges, giving birth to an unsteady, glitchy acousmatic code rooted in a cluster-based, drone-centric morphology.

With sources of inspirations as heterogeneous as William Burroughs, Iannis Xenakis, Husker Du & Squirrel Bait (from which derives the odd project name, an oxymoronic analogy/crasis of the titles of their two masterpieces), Shinya Tsukamoto, Mark Hollis, Coil, Roberto Bolano, Eliane Radigue, Pan American, Stan Brakhage, Marco Corbelli and Luigi Russolo, Skag Arcade pays his humble tribute to more than 100 years of revolutionary cultural iconoclasty, aiming to sketch a personal portrait of the human abyss.

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Skag Arcade’s first official physical release, “Fernweh” is the output of a four-hands collaboration with the Italian drone/ambient project, and has been released by the already-cult Swiss tape label LUCE SIA ( on March 2nd 2016. The inspiration for the concept at the root of the two tracks-album comes out the abiding astonishment consequent to the reading of Roberto Bolano’s final opus, “2666”, with its elegiac yet vicious & desperate portrait of the human abyss, against the backdrop of a crazed Mexican metropolis (an imaginary, transfigured Ciudad Juared distressed by senseless brutality).

In May of the same year, the “Pentagram Ep” cassette single has followed, released by the Spanish label Craneal Fractures Records.

In June, “The Fatalist Mix” has seen the light, featured on the prominent LA-based website The Brvtalist ( A special “Xmas Dismal Mix”, “Suicide's An Alternative, You'll Be Sorry”, was previously released by the Italian music webzine Pay no mind to us, we’re just another minor threat., on the 24th of December of 2015.

Always in June 2016, the A-side track “The Silent Crater Of The Abyss” (off Skag Arcade &’ release “Fernweh”) was featured as the closing track of :zoviet*france:’s weekly radio show “A Duck in a tree” (episode #205 -, aired on a regular basis on the acclaimed London radio
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In October, the track “Intermediate States (Kyema, C.M.K.J.) [Inner Sunset take]” off the “Pentagram” Ep was also featured in the 222nd episode of :zoviet*france:’s “A Duck in a tree” radio show, aired on the London-based radio Resonance FM

In November, the new (concept) album “The Look Of Silence” has been released on the Pennsylvania-based tape label Orb Tapes.
“Conceived as an elegy for the millions of forgotten victims of the 20th-century genocides that took place in the Southeastern regions of Asia (in particular the atrocities perpetrated by Pol Pot in Cambodia and the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965 and 1966), “The Look Of Silence” is a four-track journey into the void left in the eyes of the survivors, a dirge to accompany the steady gaze into their never-ending abyss."

Expected to be out by the Fall of 2017 is a new concept album together with, also due on LUCE SIA.

Skag Arcade’s proper debut album, “Post Tenebras Lux”, still physically unreleased, should finally see the light on a proper release by the end of 2017.

At last, a still secret, special 8-hands collaboration release is expected sometimes throughout 2018.

Skag Arcade is also a member of the California-based experimental/noise collective The Insect Worship Collective.