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Unconscious was born in Italy in September 1982. He got closer to music since he was a child, thanks to her father drummer.
In the middle of the 90s, he started appreciating techno music, thanks to a group of holder friends who put him in contact with the entire world around this kind of sound.
He was definitely struck by techno and he went through some mixes with makeshift means found in his home.
By the end of these years, the attraction towards this music is getting stronger and he understands that merely reproducing sounds by other musicians is not enough for him.
So, he decided to buy a sampler Akai 950, an Atari ST-1040 and he started mixing up some sounds.
The very first productions were strongly influenced by all the techno of that period, but also by electronic and hip-pop, to which he got close under the influence of the world of graffiti , being a member of it for some years.
Since 2004, he starts playing in different clubs of the surroundings where he always tries to propose his own productions in a kind of outdoor “life-sets”, even if the path appears always more arduous, by living in a small village of the province.
The project “Unconscious” was founded as a parallel and alternative project by the end of 2013.
Influenced by several trips to Europe and above all by the strong soul of the city Berlin, the city where the artist has decided to want to establish.
It 'a dark side, another person, not just a pseudonym.
This project focuses on the issues of deep darkness, the noise, the misanthropy.
As he defines it:
Music is life,
music is an ongoing searching for something coming from the deepest and hidden side of our unconscious.
He loves mix gloomy and hypnotic tunes with intense and powerful bass, dressed by hard grooves.
That’s his style, a passage-door towards timeless and sonorous landscapes.