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An underground artist in the truest sense. Voidloss, the ever evolving techno experiment from Steve Voidloss, has a long history as a lone traveller through underground scenes and movements.

Starting in industrial bands, moving through to involvement in the legendary pre-millenial London warehouse squat rave soundsystem collective: United Systems, to bass driven hard techno and on deeper in to ever changing explorations of outsider techno. Voidloss has remained a restless project, morphing and changing and adapting over time to represent the artistic explorations and passions of its creator, who is careful to avoid being absorbed by the zeitgeist.

Internationally Voidloss music has been performed in the clubs as a live PA. The PA is rarely predictable, moving through emotional explorations tinged with juxtapositions. Hard distortion, lush melody, pounding straight 4x4 through the swung out broken beats, his shows are rare and special.

Voidloss releases are represented both by his respected Singularity Recordings label, and a large catalogue of vinyl, digital, CD and Cassette on labels that mirror his explorative, underground, challenging aesthetic. His production skills are much respected in the technical field and his production tutorials and advice have been passed around online in great numbers. The ultimate culmination of his production obsession led to the setting up of his professional mastering studio Black Monolith Studio, known for dealing with the difficult, left-field, experimental music that some engineers have trouble with, on vinyl and digital across genres.
Voidloss is the spirit of a true outsider artist, both contemplative and confrontational, melancholy and aggressive.