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Nullius in Verba (doppler)

doppler has started to drift into music at his age of 6. during the next 18 years he played mainly classical and jazz piano, but also violin, tenor saxophone and guitar.

he has been touched by electronic music pretty late, only when he first listened to Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project around 2008. very soon he discovered the most important pioneers like basic channel, the black dog and many others. he started to collect vinyls around this time.

2010 he started to work for tilos radio, the first and biggest underground radio station in hungary. besides the technical support of many talkshows he had the possibility to practice his dj skills, this is the year when he started to play live, at that time mainly dubtechno.

in the last few years he joined and later took over zoltan solomon's weekly radio show (the grey ring), started to write reviews for music blogs and he is working still on refining his technical and aesthetical approach to music.

biggest influences: j.s. bach, john coltrane, GAS, william basinski, sandwell district and downwards.