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Muted is a solvent DJ born and risen in Madrid with a wide baggage that has collaborated in different collectives from his Home Town such as Red Circuit, XXXO and is currently a member of Trauma Collective and Asterisco_Madrid.
He began his career behind the decks in 2003. His influences are very varied in the same way that his sets, in which among other things we can listen from the most current Italian, Swedish or Berliner techno to classics tunes from Birmingham, Detroit or even IDM.
When it comes to giving a speech in Techno language, Muted does not hesitate and his sets, always played in vinyl format, contain a high load of darkness and strength, approaching sounds influenced by the Industrial Techno or EBM. Without forgetting the hypnotic textures, he incorporates to his sets ambient sounds as well which seek the introspection in the listener but always with the dance floor in mind.