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Sem Travis

Sem Travis. Of 1985. Born in Rome in the South East suburbs of Rome. Listen to funky little music, soul, blues, jazz and rap. He took his first steps on the premises listening to house music at the age of 14. Over time it is a bit detached from the house scene and approaches that then that will be his way come Dj, the Techno scene. Do not produce anything, but focus on the part of Djing thanks to the input of his friend Qu Er (Alessio Vernuccio). After years of suffocation of the Roman scene, where he notices a large musical block you decide to found Illusion Crew, helped by his friends: _ CBRT (Simone Moriconi & Andrea Mela), _ Matteo Appolloni, _ Stefano Rocchi. He plays with various Artists between Italians and Foreigners: Italians: Fire at work, D 'Arcangelo, M. Micheli, Sergio C, Spinhell (Nbt) K.Dahl, F.Zappalà, Cirillo, Entropia Techno Department, Ida Mandato, Worg, Outpost, Phooka, Maurizio Cascella, Reig, The Zone Records, and many others Esters: Bas Mooy, UVB, Dj Stingray, Positive Center, Pargrindvik, Sunil Sharpe, Marcel Fengler, Andreas Sarmanis, Mik Izif, Dolby D, Suburbass and many others...