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Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 075 // Yura Yura - Sirio Gry J - Scott Robinson

2017.02.05 -
19:00 - 22:00


Yura Yura:
Before 'Yura Yura' Grégory Yura played guitare and bass in cold wave and post-punk bands.His electronic music project called 'Yura Yura' was borned in 2009.
Having made itself a name for live acts including performances on stage - featuring the dancer/choreographer Macha Mélanie (France, Montpellier).In 2013 Yura Yura signed to the label Hands Productions with a debut album called "Be sexual".
The french project plays a minimal and repetitive industrial music composed of bouncy/catchy rhythms and haunting/abrasive atmospheres. The music has direct roots to the old school tribal and industrial scene.
He've played at many festivals for example at the Noxious Art Festival, the Schlagstrom festival and the Forms of Hands festival...

Sirio Gry J:
Sirio Grimaldi aka Sirio Gry J, founder of Monolith Records, a label which looks ahead to the grim future of humankind delivering conceptual techno, is also resident deejay of the eclectic event platform Liber Null Berlin, combining different kind of arts shaped by the darkest esthetics. Sirio was born in Rome in the late 80s and discovered the world of deejaying firstly inspired by the “Sound Of Rome”. After digging the London scene, he moved to Berlin and produced tunes for labels like Several Reasons Mechanical Thoughts, TMM, Analogic Density and Love Blast and Monolith Records itself.

Scott Robinson:
Scott is a veteran of electronic music. Starting out during the early days of Techno he has continued to support the scene and write his own unique form both underground and experimental attempting push the boundaries of Techno and transposing that sound and energy into his live shows and mixes. Sets can last from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the needs of the event.
„Fact Magazine – Scott Robinson - Weird Beard charted in:- Sniff and Destroy: the 25 heaviest eye-bleeding techno rippers ever made.”
Recent Releases Compilation Albums: -Touched Bass, Alongside - Mark Broom, Paul Mac, Steve Stoll, Si Begg and Russ Gabriel. - Touched 3 - Alongside - KLF, B12, Autechre, Future Sound of London, Luke Vibert, Mark Broom, Mike Dred, Paul Mac, and Plaid -Touched 2, Alongside - 808 state, Ceephax Acid Crew, Orbital, FSOL and Autechre -Touched 2 Remixes, Remix - for Paul Mac Solo Vinyl EP The Splintered EP - prequel to Joe Farr's Ep (Fun in the Murky) Joe Muggs (music writer for the Guardian) votes "This Generation" (from the EP) one his top tracks of 2015.