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Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 088 pt.4 // Velvet Volcano

2018.04.15 -
22:00 - 23:00

Velvet Volcano

Dj and producer
Active in the scene, with a constant musical research adopting a style that is has no boundaries.
He is hidden within its area in a deep state but working your mind in new productions, creating a strong, dark sound with a touch of techno and industrial touch but always seeking the sweetness to give the necessary complement.
Always constantly learning, always listening to new artists and fresh productions of which he is influenced.
Their first release was in the Audioexit stamp production Scatology Posmortuaria (as Sol Los), had in the same year a collaboration on the seal Sigh Raven and the Mexican label Zonativa.
He was invited to participate in the podcast The Forgotten, Fnoob-Industrial Wasteland and Audioexit Podcast.
Now he is working on new productions waiting to cross boundaries and always breaking the rules.