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Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast 089 // Formal Method

2018.07.08 -
22:00 - 23:15

Formal Method (Audioexit)

Formal Method is a techno dj and producer from Hungary. His first release was out back in 2007, since then he had his own works and remixes released on labels like Furanum Records, Transporta, Switch Off Records, Alhena Records, Induxtriall Records, Darkletvm, Zimmer Records, Cicuta Netlabel, UTCH Records, Dark Garden, Art Style: Techno Records
His own imprint Audioexit Records is operating since 2007, representing young, upcoming and well known artists in a wide range of underground techno.
He has played in several places in and outside Hungary with artists like Dominik Müller, Ontal, Rafal Fürst, Gabeen, Balatro, Dan Mute, Tosi, Isu, Dialect, Daho and more... In his sets and own works he presents a wide palette of techno ranging from deep and dark themes through acid and offbeat to raw and noisy industrial.
His music was played and supported by - including but not limited to - Phone, Stefano Infusino, Héctor Oaks, Gabeen, Dj Ogi, Len Faki, Marcell Dettmann, Jay Wong, Kwartz, Chris Collins, Mike Stern, Kenny Campbell, Huck Farper, Nomad Spectrum, Feryne.