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Selection Sorted TechnoPodcast NYE edition Pt.3 // Dez - LivingTotem

2016.12.31 -
15:00 - 22:00


Davide Rovito
Is a veteran of electronic scene since 1990. He developes his attitude with “Passaggi e Mutazioni” a multi medial performance focalized on the social meaning of art in the underground culture. After that he lives for two years in London where he plays and collaborates with “The Institute Of Goa”. In '96 comes the first release on Marco Carola's label "Design Music". From '96 to '98 he is a “Livello 57”'s resident dj in Bologna, where Davide begin as part of the techno-trio "Random/Noize" perform their live set and running two techno-oriented labels: “Informale” and “De Styl”. From 2000 to 2005 he has been part of the minimal techno project “Defrag Sound Processing”, that was also a label an open system where to put differents of realities associated by the same “noise” and “non conform” attitude, the same concept was the radix of Defrag Dsp collective . He has performed as a DJ and participated in many events such: Distorsonie Festival (link - Bologna) - Dissonanze Festival, Istantanee performing fest(Roma) - Arezzo Wave Elettrowave (Arezzo)- P.I.M. (Pescara) - Sintesi Festival, Lo Sguardo Di Ulisse, Velvet Club (Napoli) - Ambasada Gavioli (Izola, Slovenia) - ℅ Pop (Koln) - Fireclub (Berlin) - Tanzhalle St.Pauli (Amburgo), Le Batofar (Parigi)-Le Dans Club (Tolosa) - expo H.O.P alla maison du theatre et de la danse di Epinaix sur seine (Parigi) -He shared the stage with the following international artists: Chris, Aaron, Julian Liberator, Damon Wild, Lory D, Ken Ishii, Dave Clarke, Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone, Dj Rush, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Thomas Brinkmann,Thomas Köner, Akufen, Stewart Walker, Marco Passarani, Ellen Allien, Luciano, Mikael Stavostrand, Andreas Tilliander (TM404), G-man (Ex LFO), Agaric, Sascha Funke, Sebastien Bromberger, Jonas Bering, Ada, Michael Mayer and many others..
Reviews: De:Bug, Stampa Alternativa "Mondo Techno" Andrea Benedetti , Documentary film "Tunza Tunza" Canal Plus ( Francia) la 7 (Italia)
Working with with Electronix Network Distribution S.r.l .... now he is back in Napoli collaborating with labels such as Etichetta Nera, Modular Expansion, Webuildmachines, F.O.S. ( Future of Sound), GMR records.

His Dj carreer began in 1992 in the small room of Depeche Mode club, where he stood in beside Fatman and spinned Electro-Industrial-E.B.M. music on a mothly basis. In 1998 he grounded "IpariSzakadárok" which was joined by U-Lab and Sick-Ram. Then he moved forward and launched 'SpiralExit' party series in 2000, which had psychedelic trance in focus, these were mostly open air parties. In 2001 he began his show 'Vákuumcsomagolt Hegyilevegő' on Tilos Radio on a weekly basis. In 2006 he started 'IndustrialFusion' series in Kultiplex, where he joined forces with some inland djs who play industrial music. He started producing as well: from 2006 the LivingTotem mystic industrial-techno project began its operation. From 2009 he made the musical funds in the Quantum Cowboys band until the tragical death of BradyO. In 2010 he commenced a completely analog musical project called Panoramic Barrier. Djing is also unbroken in his life.