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Slctn Srtd TchnPdcst 074 // Riccardo Michetti - Violet Poison - Lorenzo Nari

2017.01.08 -
19:00 - 22:00


Riccardo Michetti:
Riccardo Michetti was born in Recanati where, since he was just a kid, he developed a deep interest in music. Thank to
the Joy Division's records belongin' to his mother his passion started to grow more and more. After takin' part in a Sound Engineering course, he continued his studies at the SAE Institut in Milan studying Audio Production. He is now one of the resident deejays of the Supernova Crew.

Violet Poison:
Violet Poison is a dark, enigmatic and esoteric side-project of Francesco Baudazzi, also known as Obtane, co-owner with Giorgio Gigli of now defunct techno label Zooloft.
Violet Poison focuses on analogue sounding proto-techno with influences from 70’s Italian progressive bands like Goblin and OST composers like Fabio Frizzi to early Downwards records circa 1994-1995. The style can be defined as techno of a bit esoteric nature with elements from 90’s warehouse material mixed with VHS horror movies aesthetics.
Musically he takes inspiration from the mythical and gothic field: conspiracy theories, egyptology, ancient alien civilizations and freemasonry.

Violet Poison has released on Vatican Shadow’s labels including an LP on Hospital Productions and an EP on Bed of Nails, as well as on his own label Violet Poison and Repitch Recordings. Amongst the notable are the two albums in 2014 “Sovrastrutture” on Opal Tapes and "Non Sequitur” on Haunted Air Records, featuring ‘psychedelic cyberpunk techno with the trademark industrial flavour and reference points ranging from the fractured electronics of NY no-wavers Ike Yard to the Sandwell experiments of Function.’

In January 2015 Violet Poison will launch Veleno Viola, his own new label with the first release “Absence Generator.” Veleno Viola will carry on his new approach to DIY and post-punk aesthetics with the main focuses of rhythmic noise, experimental dark ambient and power electronics, with the sound characteristics of using his own vocals and the mid-tempo manner that trademarked some of his previous works while still maintaining a cyberpunk attitude.

Lorenzo Nari: